Monday, April 20, 2009

Studying with Jeffro and Jamie

Remember this? Yesh this was taken at the
Nuffnang Music Bash.. So uncool, yet COOL at the same time! XD C'mon how often do you see people even bringing a textbook to a club?? You tell me!

Well since I couldn't do much at the party (was having too much fun partaying away), I decided to postponed it until I completed my exams. So we. Jamie and yours truly, continued again today, at MidValley.. LOL!

One thing I learnt from school back in those days is,
"Don't study with an empty stomach.." LOL
This was Jamie's of course..

These stuffs filled 3/4 of the table!
Mind you it's only additional mathematics..

There's more!
There's Chemistry, History, and Physics...
*blink blink*

She look damn serious when studying weih..

Trying to understand questions like these...
I also had trouble understanding it for the first time k?

Jamie's quite satisfied with today's tutorials..

After a few hours of revisions there (yesh, I revised SPM materials too.. wtf lol), we packed up. After being a tutor, I became her companion for window shopping (LOL!) and then had dinner before leaving.. Somewhat weird, but it was fun too..

Then I headed home, but upon exiting, I faced a certain obstacle..

I paid my parking ticket.. But wasn't allowed out..

I asked what happened...
She didn't answered, but panicked instead..
She even tried contacting the operator or whosoever..

Then she couldn't wait, cause the queue was growing..
She opened the thingamajig and pressed a little here and there..
And I was FREED!! WOOHOO~~!

And I ended up home safely... *grins*
Thank you for your concern.. =)


  1. AHHAH! I DID ANOTHER SIMILAR QUES ON MY OWN! but then I spent more than an hour figuring out the cylinder one, which I didn't get it even now. =/. UGHH.

  2. @Jamie: hahaha.. that's GREAT! =D oh well different questions requires different approach.. email me or msg me the problem, i'll try and help you out.. =)