Friday, April 03, 2009

This is Something I Owe You

Doing the Blackie

Okay, I think some time back I told PamSong aka TinkiTalks that I'd do something. Well finally I managed to do it.. =D Yeah took me a while, cause I kept forgetting it. How I kept forgetting it? Hehe, you'll know in a while..

It was a clear, bright and shiny day..
While taking a ride in my friend's car, I suddenly remembered something.

It's been so long since I've sat behind during the day time,
all this while, I'm the one either driving or
sitting in the front passenger seat..
This time, I got to sit behind and I was in the center..

Since I had nothing much to do behind,
I took out my camera and started camwhoring!
hahaha lame, but that's better than falling-asleep-and-maybe-drool-here-and-there

And finally I came up with this.. =D
So Pam, here's something I did!
hahaha.. xD

Of course it wasn't as good as done by the Manager
Coz I did it alone, and my friends wouldn't help..
Said was too lame for them.. Wth..
Oh well, I considered it done..
hehehe xD


    eh, do this for the last time only la wei, flat chested girl looking guy!!! LOL~~

    that pix accentuated your flat chest la dear!!! LOL~

  2. @Thomas: *grins*

    @Voxy: hahaha.. yeah.. definitely.. =D i duwan u to be puking all over there.. xD

    Shhh.. about the flat chest la.. hahaha xD

  3. hello friend! i'm just blogwalking.. nice post!! hope you visit me back & leave a comment too.. have a great day! ^_^

  4. @NurtaSan: Will visit you soon.. thx for the compliment though =D

  5. erm, Jeffff try check ur junk mail n see..
    see got billing statement from mii o not ^^..
    Charges for taking pix wif my Patrick and my selt belts..
    faster go settle de bills..
    Arigatogozaimasu =P

  6. @Colbie: LOL! dun have wor.. try sending it again.. =D

    btw.. i tot it was the other way around? i suppose to charge you right? for taking pictures with them? Publicity ler.. xD

  7. i just puke!! LOL~ eh why u so dark ard?

  8. @Voxy: I'm not that dark ler.. the lightings made me dark-er only.. =D