Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra with Nuffnang

Last Saturday, I was invited to attend the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) by Diese (thank you! *hugs*). Honestly, it is MY FIRST TIME attending an orchestra. I've only heard it over mp3 that my friends have, but this is different. The orchestra was simply extraordinary, I say.

the 5 gentlemen

Tzia adjusting her camera
Check out ChrisTock's camera...
which is on top of iphone, phone, nds and psp..

All of us who were there =)

Ceiling on the inside hall

Check out the atmosphere.. Awesome!

But there are some laughs in regards of this too. During the first half of the MPO, some of us were spotted meddling with phones, by our friends. An example was ChrisTock, messing with his iphone, even facebooked about it. Swt & LOL!

Once the orchestra was over, all of us headed down to OldTown in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. On the way there, a embarassing moment was revealed to Diese (she got shocked as well). I got lost in the carpark. I know like WTF?!, LOL! Spent 3-5 minutes looking for my car. At first, I told Diese to not mention about this embarassing-giler-can-die-incident, but this is funny to share out too.. =P

This is some of us at OldTown

This is the rest of us at OldTown

That's all from me on the MPO..
More information on MPO, visit their official site..
Lastly, special thanks to Nuffnang for this chance..

P/s: Pictures are credits to ChrisTock (last two) & Ren (first few)


  1. wahliao my face right smack there, siow!

    but wah really love our gentlemen photo *grins*

    wth why do I feel like this whole post like dedicated to me... ok la, that's it we're gonna have some great wii fun this weekend! :P

  2. @ChrisTock:
    LOL! nice kan the gentlemen photo? got it from Ren.. =)

    hahaha.. the post like about you? if it's so, wouldn't that be good? =P

    Yeah man! Wii this weekend! get back to me on how to get to your place.. =)

  3. i phailed as your co-driver.... but wait.. i did show u the way to oldtown riteeeee... hehehehe..

  4. @Diese: Say What?? You phailed? LOL, if only you wouldn't demand for a pay (which i think you would) i'd hire you as my co-driver in KL.. =P