Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Alas I got my stash!

I think I've said it for a while, but it seems that my mum has been ignoring what I said. Or maybe it's just that the weather always turn bad on the particular tuesday's?

But today, I finally got what I needed, after a while since I lost it. Yesh~! I got a brand new pair of SHADES. Well, it obviously wasn't RayBan or those of Harley Davidson owner's, since I got them from the pasar malam (aka night market), but hey it was tagged with an Oakley sticker (believe me, it ain't authentic either). So I guess I should be contented with the "Oakley" shades I bought. YEAH, I bought it myself la. I only wanted my mum to come along and give comments. LOL. =D

The "Oakley" shades.. =D

In addition to that, I think I hit the jackpot too!

Got it on the way back.. Mmmm Yummmy~!


  1. @Lil Jo: haha.. ME TOO! =D WE go makan durian want? xD

  2. EH AJAK ME ALSO! my kawans all don't like one >_>. luckily u like hahahhaa.

  3. @Jamie: Haha.. U likey durians? Cool! We go makan one day! =D