Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I'm still a kid..

Most of the time, when I'm doing work, I usually spend those hours at my friend's place. Not only to ease discussion, but also to simplify work done in a shorter period as we can monitor each other's progress.

Well, that's not all, my place is usually hotter than my friend's, be it morning or evening. So hanging at my friend's place, makes work easier for cool-place-seeker like me.. =D

However, ever since another friend of mine brought in a portable special console in. I'd been reliving the days of a kid. I play and play and play (of course, after doing my work) until the time I left the place.

So let me re-introduce to you the PS2 console!

Oh yeah.. These games..

Darn I missed it so much..
It's been so long.. =)

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