Friday, March 13, 2009


A few days ago, I had this short chat with my friend, Sami (pronounced Sam-mie). He saw my current display picture on MSN, which is the same as the picture on the right-side of my header/banner, and had this idea of ZOMBIE-FYING me.. lol

Well he asked whether or not, would I mind allowing him to do so..
I said "Go ahead, gimme a make-over"

and SO he did... BEHOLD!



How cool is that?
Editing done by Sami



  1. whoa!!!!

    That's totally creepy and cool!

  2. Argggghhh... *hides under my blanket* scary weih...

    keep the idea for this coming halloween... the living dead theme... XD

    hahah you don't need to fust what to dress as anymore...

  3. @Wendy: you think so too? awesome.. All credits go to friend.. =D

    @Anne: frust what to dress? for? Hmmm.. *scratches chin* O_O

    oh well, just a simple editing.. Wished I could go lidat to college and scared the hell outta my frenz.. muahahahah!

  4. sorry... its FUSS... FOR HALLOWEEN LA... den u think dress up for wat??? *BLEK*

  5. omg!!! so freaky! yerr! but i quite like the eyes, looks like The Ring, the girl tht climbs outta well! seriously, why must it be a well? why cannot longkang?lol what turf

    eh~the right side nose pat shudn do such long streak of blood!looks like u got 'pei c' and blood! lol ~

  6. @Anne: Ooohh.. I see.. =D kay kay.. my bad..

    @Voxy: LOL.. not longkang, coz the well can fit a person, longkang (except for malaysia's) cannot fit human/ghost la..

    hahaha.. well it's suppose to be gross ma.. so i guess the pei see is part of it.. ROFLMAO!