Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Tale from A to Z

All I ever wanted was to live a simple and easy life,
But nothing comes easy and simple, as
Complication starts right after something easy if found.
Denying them only makes things worse, cause
Everything right now points out the truth, and
Failure is the thing I faced the most, since I knew the word.
God planned it that way I guess,
His plans are inevitable and non-questionable,
I reluctantly go along as I have no choice.
Joy is what I seek, but there's something..
Keeping me away from my goals, as if,
Lucifer was behind it all, blocking my every road.
Man, this is tiring, hurdling over obstacles and more..
Never say Never is what I was told.
Only lift up your head and start making choices, is the only way.
Procrastination will/should/must come to an end.
Quality work is much needed compared to quantity.
Racing towards success within the shortest time, seems never-ending.
Soon, I'll reach there, and I'll really enjoy to the fullest.
Then whatever sacrifices I'd made or will make, will be worthwhile.
Uncertainties will all be put aside, as they will only drag me down.
Victory shall me mine in the end, don't worry it shan't be long
Wait, and you shall see.
X marks the spot.
You'll know when you see it
Zest and zeal will bring me there!

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