Sunday, March 29, 2009

I’m a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband

You know, I've been yearning to be a celebrity, only because that they get the recognition - people seem to know them, wanna snap a picture, and for some reasons, if Imma celebrity material, I don't mind having crowd screaming and going wild for me, especially if they're chicks.. LOL

I've always admire my idol Wang Lee Hom, who's a great singer, composer, and actor. A part from that, even though he's well known, his humble character captures the heart of many as he does things sincerely, and cheerfully. (P/s: No I'm not gay) Alright, alright, other reasons of admiring him... Well duh, it's the crib he has, the fashion he holds, the fame and status he has as a celebrity that makes people pay attention to what he has to tell to the world. I believe if I'm a celebrity, I'll make a difference not only to my current life, but also have the chance to be listened by the world.

Another celebrity that I've been told I look alike is Bi Rain, mostly said because his eyes resembles mine.. Bwahahahaa~ Oh he's Korean by the way. Though I don't understand most of his Korean or English songs, but heck they got nice beats..

Anyhooooo~~ Let's see me in action ei?

This here is taken sometime back (last year I think)

Tell me I don't look cool in any of the pictures, and I'll kill you..
LOL =)

People have always told me that there's no point in being a celebrity, because of all the stress and pressure from the public especially paparazzis. Well, how would they know? Are they even celebrities? I believe if I'm one of the celebrities, like Lee Hom or Bi Rain, I'd be doing just well - just keep things simple, honest and fun! =D

So that's all for my write up on the Nuffnang Music Bash 09.. Hope I'll score an entry to it.. It'll be my first step to celebrity-hood.. LOL~!

*click on the picture above for more information*

Date of Event : 4th of April 2009 (Saturday)
Time : 6pm till 10pm
Venue : Maison, Jalan Yap Ah Shak, KL
Dress Code : Musician Celebrities


  1. hehe Leehom my idol too...wish him all the best =)

  2. I just realized it today that you indeed look like Bi Rain! Wow! But how about the moves huh?.. Hehehe.. ;)

  3. U don't look cool!! :P

    Eh don't kill me!

    Cox I havent finish. I meant to say... YOU LOOK SUPER COOL Jeffie! :D

  4. @Michy: lol.. Awwwwh.. thanks thanks.. xD *hugs*

    @Bena: hehehe.. well if i could learn that, I'd probably could demonstrate it.. =D

    @Stock: yeah.. me too.. =P

  5. ei? i thought you are not planning to go?

  6. I thought so too.. until i receive the invitation, and others were asking me about it..