Monday, March 02, 2009

Late Dinner with Ling

Last Saturday, I met up with Ling for dinner at her area. Well, actually we were like wondering where to eat, and much thoughts about it, we finally decided to eat at the nearest Nando's Restaurant. Haha xD

I ordered a quarter chicken with 2 side dishes:
Looks good, but...
Chicken's too tough, and
rice there felt like it came out of the fridge.
Fries were okay.

She ordered a cup of hot chocolate:
Taste was okay only.
Nothing special.
Good thing was, it made her warm
(I think)

She's smiling~!

Not because of the food and beverages..

Because *coughs* I was there *coughs*
hahaha wtf wtf rofl XD

Well, food at Nando's definitely have dropped standard. Used to be better, now they're just good. And by good means you can compared it with McD's and Burger King. Rating's not necessary for them anymore, as most people would know of it already.

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