Monday, March 23, 2009

Wishing You All the Best

Samantha's been going through a 34-(including this week)-stressful-week as she has to sit for an examination which will determine whether or not, she is fit to study abroad. Heck that is indeed a lot of pressure, not only for her, but for me.

Why? First of all, she has bought her air tickets in advance, because of the booking of flight ticket and also the early orientation issues. Also, this examination would be the first and big one that she has to sit for. Other than that, she has promised to do well and make her family and friends (who have put a lot of hope into her) proud.

I wished there was something I could do to help her out. But knowing that I'm not in the same field of study as her, all I could do is just help to cheer her up, even if it might not work. I gave her a surprise call earlier and a scary statement to firstly get her mind off of her work by saying "Hello Samantha... You do not know me but I know you".. I wanted to add in a evil laugh, but Imma coughing so tak jadi (Translate: did not work).. Now how come she does not know my number, you ask? It's simple, she doesn't have my number. I ransake my sis's phone and stole it ask my sis for her number before I decided to call. (Ps: No questions on that, please)

Well, even though she could smile and laugh a moment ago, deep inside I know she still worries and fears a lot for her examination which starts in the morning (several hours from now). So here I'm gonna wish Samantha all the best, best of all, greatest luck, and I'm gonna ask as many people as I know to help me wish for her too...

"Do your very best.. Don't worry, I know you'll do well..
Why? Cause I know, and cause I believe you can"



  1. hey kor..

    just dropping by to say hi!! and i miss ya...


    ah mui

  2. heyya Mui *hugs*
    I miss ya so much.. How've you been? Been so long since I last saw you ler.. Hope you're doing good there.. *winks*