Monday, March 02, 2009

New Earphones!

After one pastering about it for a whole year,
I finally got mine =D

Initially, I had a dilemma on choosing..
Either it was the Edifier BUD 280 or the Creative EP-630


But after checking out the specifications and
personally testing them myself, I made up my mind.

I'm sticking onto the EP-630!!

Why? What's the difference?
Well, if you're a little picky on the sound quality,
and you have a moderate budget,
This is definitely worth every cent!

It is quite sensitive to sounds ranging from low to high tone
(6Hz to 23KHz) means it can pick up bass easily till the treble end.
It's light (9 grams), in-ear (for noise isolation),
and its cord is long enough (at least, for me at 1.2m)

My ratings: 8.5 out of 10

What does it lack of?
For the price, I don't really expect much of the noise isolation.
Even when I plugged them into my ears,
I can still hear a little noise from the external surroundings
(at volume level 1)

The sound that is produced is much softer than the previous
earphones that I've used. Well it's not a problem cause
I don't usually turn on loudly, or I could just boost up the
volume level, it's a small matter.

Of course, this set of earphones is good enough for me,
but it'd be better if it could allow me to experience a more-or-better
quality of the 3D surround.

Oh well...

Right now I'm enjoying the bits of music
I'm listening to..
Even by playing music at default settings on the equalizer,
it still sounds great~!!

*jumps in joy~!*