Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yamcha with Friends..

Last Thursday turned out to be a good night after all... Made plans to have dinner with SiewMei and my friends, WaiHong and Chris. Not only did it go well, but it extended to having supper with them *smiles*.

SiewMei came over right after our (WaiHong and I) class ended, so it was just nice. Handed over the speaker which I had asked from Chris, so that I could give to SiewMei, because she wanted new speakers. Well I couldn't really get her a pair of new ones, but I managed to salvage a pair of old-but-still-working-great speakers from Chris.

Had dinner first, and waited for Chris to finish his night class. After that, head to somewhere in Alam Damai (because SOMEONE's special person lives around there) and grabbed our supper there.

Ate, drank, chatted and laughed a lot!
A great day night it is..


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