Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Banner/Header is Up!

WOOTZA~!! Finally, it is time for the change!
After a while of thinking, and lotsa tries..

This is what I manage to come up with..
May not be as good as the previous one or as good as
any of the others I've thought of..

Heck, I'll just stick with this for the meantime..
Hey, I did this is about 15 minutes or so..
*feels proud*

Terrer or not?


  1. eh nice! eh how u did all this?omg!im so noob!*dies*

  2. Wanna learn? It's simple, just a lil exploration here and there, and you'll be able to do this too..

    I'll show you next time.. *winks*

  3. hey cool banner wei! =D

  4. Hey, Congratulation u made it ! n how u make it ? I could wish to learn from u.. n also how could i make the Jpeg into the smallest files in a folder for an order to deliver by mail ?

  5. @KenWooi: Thanks! =D

    @Evelyn: hehehe thanks ya.. Well you can learn it on your own too, get a photoshop and start exploring.. ^_^ as for Jpeg, you can resize them on Microsoft Word and then print it out.. Hope it helps..