Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Learn How to Chill from the Pro!

Where ever we go, we have stress to tag along. What ever we do, we end up either tired, sweaty or hangover'd. Haha. Well after today, I've learnt a good lesson - How to chill, even while at work!

Have a look at this... and maybe you could even pick up this trick.

He is CHILLING yo~!
Check it out, if it were to rain,
he already has an umbrella on standby~!


  1. LOL~i thought what! LOL~

    kecian the guy la~it was a very hot day today what~and why is it so lauya, they dun have air conditioned guard house ka??

  2. LOL.. Fwah.. If you become a boss one day, I would work for you.. sure got air cond office.. =D wootza~

    They are guards weih, got chair already good enough, summore got direct fan blasting at him, and got a umbrella standby weih.. =D

  3. Wah lau! Where that feller find power socket to plug the fan in. He's damn smart wei! Haha...

    I would award him the most innovative outdoor guard! :D

  4. @Celine: Cool right? the guard is only next to Apiit's building.. He is SUPER creative.. =P