Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back From Lunch!

Just got back from a quick lunch with Suresh and WaiHong. It's been a while since I had lunch with Suresh, and man, does he have lots to say. Hahaha. It was his idea to have lunch, but when we reached there, he said he's on diet. Wtf!

Then he was talking about the Malaysian Dream Girl (MDG2) event that went on last night and how fun it was. Boy, was I getting all envious of him (I wanted to go, but couldn't go for certain reasons). SHOWOFF! lolz.. Also he did mentioned about other events, and how he got to know people from here and there. And also, as I remember clearly, he was talking a whole lot about a girl.. *winks*

Anyways, I had fun listening to all the events activities he was involved with. When I first met him and talked him into blogging, he was still shy and uncertain. But he himself started exploring the world of blogging, the Blogosphere itself, he knew the fun, excitement, and the friends he could find through it. Oh well, he's "grown his own wings now". So dude, go out there explorer more, and have more fun!

And that's where he left, before we could even finish our lunch.. But where did he go to? He went back to classroom *burst into laughter* LOL! Apparently he has a strict lecturer, who would mark him late even if it's a second later (on her watch).

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