Sunday, March 08, 2009

Trailer or Trailer

Here's a serious case of blurness!

While in the car with me (J) friends (S) and (W), W and I were talking about some movie trailers and how cool they were, when suddenly S cam in abruptly with his "views"...

J : Yo, you checked out the Fast & Furious 4 trailer?

W : Yeah, but there wre so many versions of that trailer. The one in the screens are different from the ones I saw on Youtube.

S : *Here he comes* You know that the trailers, one of them are called RoadTrails?

J & W : *thought that it's some new name, so ignore that and continue with topic*

S : The Roadtrails are only available in Australia...

J & W: *Puzzled* What the?

J : (sarcasm) Is it why you can't find it on Youtube?

W : *stares* I saw that la on ....

S : RoadTrails are also all terrain, they can be on land, sea and even move on winter-flaked roads.

J & W : *WTF??!!* Oi, you talking what? Alien ar? We're talking about movie trailers weih..

S : *Pauses for 10 seconds or so
(seriously)* Oh! I thought you guys were talking about the trailer in the Fast & Furious trailer.

Poor boy, would someone help him, please?


  1. Hahaha I'm putting on that the S boy is non other than Mr. Suresh!!! WAKAKAKAA poor fellow so blur.... XD

  2. @Anne: haha.. but unfortunately the S boy isn't Mr Suresh at all.. I haven't hanged out with him in a long while..

  3. Hahhahaa... oh my bad then... thought could kacau him... XD still sounds like suresh double... XD

  4. @Anne: Yeah, as blur as him.. If you wanna kacau him, you can do that on MSN, he's the same everywhere.. =)