Sunday, March 15, 2009


Just as I was reading one of my friend's post earlier, about pushing too hard to achieve, to please and/or to love, she replied my comment stating that everyone has choices and it is the choices that makes us human.

I do agree with she said, just somewhat when given myself a thought, I believe I only have very limited choices. Each choice that I make contradicts the other(s) that I have, and each one would require me to either put aside somethings or leave them behind.

I've been given the opportunity to make my own choices since I was young, only because no one could choose for me after they have heard the reasons/consequences I give behind each choice. In my life, there are no better choices, as each choice leads to different paths. However, at the same time, there was only one choice to make: To choose, or not to choose at all (and be left behind).

As results of my own choices that I've made, I lost quite the freedom to do many other things. Things that I would like to do, things that I want to do, and things that I have to do. Some people think I'm giving too much of an excuse for not wanting to do something about it, but if they were to know what's the truth behind things, they might be able to understand. However, it's subjective to everyone. As for me, I choose not to tell, because even if I told, nothing could be changed.

I've let go of so many things around me. You name it: somewhat, somehow, somewhere, or something, I believe it's lost. Well I hope I'll be some right choices to make for myself one day, and not for others.

"Life is the sum of all choices"
-Albert Camus

"It is our choices that shows what we truly are,
far more than our abilities"

"When you have a choice to make and
don't make it, that is in itself a choice"
-William James

"The more I look around and listen,
I realized that I'm not all alone.
We are all facing choices that defines us.
No choice. However, messy is without
importance in the overall picture of our lives.
We all at our own age have to claim something,
even if it's only our own confusion.
I am in the middle of growing up and into myself."
-Sabrina Ward Harrison


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