Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Punisher: Warzone

The other movie that I watch last Sunday is Punisher: Warzone. So here's the review =)

This is actually the second movie, after the first The Punisher. This movie was suppossedly to be called Punisher 2, however for certain unmentioned reasons, it was rename to the current one.

Frank Castle / The Punisher

the Mobs.
2nd from right: Billy Russoti (before accident)

Left: Jigsaw (Billy Russoti after accident)

Brief synopsis of the movie:
Punisher: Warzone is based on a comic book vigilante character called the Punisher aka. Frank Castle. Originally, Frank Castle was just an ordinary man who worked as an officer by day, and was a dedicated father and husband to his beloved family. After the witnessing the brutal murder of his family, he emerges as the Punisher, from the midst of evil doings, and with vengeance, he punishes those who have caused great harms to his family and also others. The story tells how he fights for justice in a way that the official police forces could not.

And now, shall we go the good and bad's? =D

The Good:
It's definitely a better success than the previous Punisher. Good special effects, features lots of guns, fighting and SOME family values (note: SOME). The script was good. There's some hidden humour in the scenes.

The Bad:
Too gross (for most people) if you're watching the uncensored-full version movie (unlike the one shown in the screens). Because of the gore scenes, you'd probably wanna prepared yourself, before watching the movie.

It looked slightly fake in some parts of the fighting scenes. The cast who took the role of the Punisher, did not really show much intensity of vengeance that the previous Punisher did.

My Rating: 7.0 out of 10

Comparing this hero and Dark Knight or Ironman, this would be behind them by a mile. If you're asking me, there's nothing much to talk about this movie after you've watched it, except for the cool effects and the gore and bloody scenes. You watch it, then you'll just probably try and remember a few parts, then that's it. It doesn't really stay long.

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