Saturday, March 28, 2009

Marley and Me, I recall something...

Few nights ago, I watched a movie that made me recall something that I had forgotten for a very long time. I watched “Marley and Me”. A movie that was recommended to me by my bestie =) Seriously, when she said that it made her shed tears for the first time watching a movie, I did not really believe it at all. So I had to watch it to find out for myself.

Luckily I had gotten the movie from my friend earlier, and with that I plugged in my earphones and started watching the movie in the middle of the night. Yes, it was middle of the night. (No, I'm not planning on reviewing this movie this time =P)

Never would I think that such a movie would actually make me sit so still to watch it, enjoy every conversation to feel what each character feels. At a point towards the end of the movie, I had my feeling touched with the scene of Marley, who was once a clearance puppy, with his family. Because it reminded me of my pet tortoises I had when I was younger, which I have regrettably forgotten his and her name… I returned home from school one day to find out that they had left to the “other world”, without any signs of leaving. I cried deep inside. And for some reasons that I could not remember, I had never had another pet since then. I guess I couldn’t bare the lost of another pet. The feeling that can’t even be put into words.

Such as memory was sparked when I watched Marley and Me. I’d say it’s a great movie. Thanks for the recommendation, Siew Mei. Even one such as I, could not resist shedding a teardrop towards the end.

Another thing is that the movie itself reminded me much about blogging. “You know what makes it work? What makes it work is that you put yourself into it”. Starting my blog of was simply about “It’s really all about you (me)” and I hope it’ll continue that way as a way to mark my story – be it happy, sad, funny or ridiculous. =)


  1. oh~i love this movie! and eh it made me cry cx i was thinking what woula happen if my tortoises died too!! haix~~


  2. Awwwhh.. *hugs hugs*
    well don't worry la.. your tortoise luckier than mine.. =D why? coz it's not dead.. and won't die so soon la.. LONG LIVE VOXY's tortoises.. =D

  3. aww i love this movie, i blogged about it oo. :')

  4. @Carina:
    me too.. is a very nice movie.. =D