Monday, March 09, 2009

Want a candidate?

Was going through some blogs when I happen to stumble upon Voxy's blog and read on her personality test...

As usual, if I had something to say, I'll comment..
And I did.. and guess what?

Calon in english, would mean Candidate..
Even google is opting to be a candidate for Voxy



  1. LOL~!! WHAT TURF!!!

    eh~since when i turn that on arh??omg! tht is irritating but good also la!

    cheh! make me all berdebar debar thought who! ish!

  2. @Voxy: ROFLMAO~~ OMG.. i'm really laughing my a$$ off xD

  3. why u laughing ass off la now??lol~i was just awhile ago~

    u noe~i was so noob~i read ur this post like thrice only then i got what u meant~cx i din not pay attn to the 'calon' thg~

    cx i used to read scan through method ma~lol

  4. @Voxy: Well i laughed my a$$ off quite some time ago.. hahaha

    HAHAHA! well at least it shows that you're keen on readin, or should i say you're keen on knowing who your candidate is..

    Seriously, who did you expect?? *grins*