Friday, March 20, 2009

Double Sigh

Why you ask?
Coz my schedule's so bad, that I'll be missing lotsa events..
In fact, I've already missed a few already..

What's coming up?
Well, Nuffnang's Music Bash 2009 and also,
the Fast&Furious (F&F) 4 Movie Screenings..

Things one on hand maybe going well according to plan, but concurrently on the other hand it's not doing well at all, I'm unable to cope up with friends and events. All these just makes one wanna sigh.. then double sigh..

I wanna go for the F&F 4!
But I guess I won't be able to go for it,
cause I'll be still at work by then...
(what's worse, the job's not confirmed yet)

Hmm, I wonder would be possible for me to join
the nuffnangers for a drink after the movies..
Oh well, have to see whether or not that day,
things would go smoothly or not..


  1. wwah! i wna see fast and furious too~since i have seen the first few! i like! LOL