Monday, March 02, 2009

Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li

Last Sunday, was taken out by my friends to catch movies. I'll be reviewing on Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li first, before I do the next.

Firstly, the show is based on a video game series called, Street Fighter. However, this movie mainly focus on the character Chun-Li. So I'll fill you with a short synopsis of the movie.


It's a story about how a girl (Chun-Li) having to face the world alone as she grew up to be a concert pianist, only to find out that life wasn't as simple as she thought it was. Her father was taken away when she was still young, and as she grew up, her mother became more ill day after day, due to cancer. Soon, Chun-Li learnt that there's some mystery behind certain incidents that she has come across. That is when her journey to uphold justice begins - fighting for what she believes in, for what is right, and for the protection of the people.






Okays, enough of that (I don't wanna bore anyone first before reading the rest). Let's move on the what's good or bad about the movie.

The Good:
They got quite an interesting storyline here. Able to show the history of Chun-Li to people who may not know of her.

Cool graphics, awesome location for the set, good effects and some fighting scenes.

The Bad:
Some of the characters doesn't match the originals. For instance, Chun-Li becomes a westerner and she can't speak fluent Mandarin nor Cantonese even though she has been living the asian country for so long. The other is Charlie Nash, I'd thought he'd be from the military, from hair-style to the clothing, but non of that was portrayed.

The street-fighter-version of Kameha meha (from Dragonball) style is awkward, that looks more like the one Ryu or Ken does, which is totally wrong.

The fights weren't entirely good to go along with the sound effects. I felt it's quite a screwed up there. Even the power-effects shown was a little bit dull.

My ratings: 4 out of 10

I give the produce the credits for his efforts and ideas. But if you're a fan of Street Fighter, I recon you better not watch this, as you'll be very much disappointed. The show is only for the fun of seeing a movie. That's pretty much about it.


After watching the movie, my friends and I head down to the atrium of the place, to see a crowd being entertained with matches of Street Fighter on PS3's.

Everyone wants to try

Schedule of the matches

A model of Chun-Li

K.O Screen =D



  1. if it weren't for kreuk who plays chun li i probably wouldn't think of ever watching this film. i'm just gonna watch it cause she is in it. i just saw a thoroughly ugly poster of the film that's such a turn off. it looked like they stuck kreuk's head on the cartoon version of chun li's character

    by the way, i love your header! very eye catching

  2. @grace:
    yeah the movie sux.. was worse than the first street fighter back in 1994.. =(

    thanks for the compliments.. =D *high5*

  3. Street fighter version of kamehameha? At first I thought you were talking about "abugen". Street fighter got kamehameha meh?

  4. @Regina:
    LOL... what I meant was the way the "abugen" was produced was SO similar to kamehameha in dragonball, so that's why i called it street fighter version of kamehameha.. =D