Saturday, June 14, 2008


Well today I was feeling kinda better.. And suddenly an IDEA popped into my head..
Quickly I grab my camera and started my project! It's gonna be very obvious!!
It's my first time at it.. Trying something different~~ I guess you can say that..

Yea.. I know it might be lame and else.. I'm not that good at it yet.. Still learning.. hehehe!
So do give comments on it! Feel free to give me any sort of feedbacks!
Sorry for any blurry parts.. *blames camera, LOL*

Update #2:

Simon says:


Update #1:

I got PRAISED!! *blush* (though it was for another thing *big grins*, but it's a good start!)

compliments by babychyu

Thankies! *winks*


  1. gege ~
    u r welcome ~
    **wink wink***

  2. Hehehe ^^
    **super big smile**
    (i think ppl can see it even from behind me, LOL)