Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Gosh I'm seriously feeling SICK and TIRED! These few days the weather has been very very bad to me, giving me a rather sore throat to begin with. Then I started coughing. My coughing from just a few *coughs* to massive coughings like having SARS or some guy who's gonna .... *CHOI, touchwood*

But it's been pretty bad.. and it has affected my memory and visual also. This morning I forgot where I left my keys, and I thought I dropped it in the classroom previously. So I was so smart, left my bag with my friend, and in panic I ran back to the classroom which was 1 WHOLE BLOCK away from the current building I was in. Went there, search the classroom like a mad dog! ended up couldn't find a single key! *despair* and thought again that I might have dropped it on the road when I walked to the other building.. Again I search like a mad dog, what's worse is everyone's looking at me like I'm some kind of lunatic! I went to collect back my bagpack. I WAS SO GERAM!!! grrrrrrr.. when I saw the keys in the side pocket!!! *#@*&#!$@!*#@%!#@&!$(*#@$^@&$*

Earlier this evening I went to the Pasar Malam in my area (see I told you I was smart) and grab some food (FRIED ones) and slamba whack them all into my stomach.. So what happened after that? Condition worsen of course! Throat soring like someone took a sand paper and roughen my throat! Coughing like I'm about to be announced DECEASE! *CHOI again! Touch-another-wood* So my mum nagged me like for the past hour.. I took the "initiative" (well after being told) to drink the Pei Pah Kou, some Chinese cough-relief drink.. This time try and imagine how SMART I am ok? I tried to pour the liquid onto a FORK and drink.. (=.=") Wasted a couple of drips there before it took me to realize that nothing much was on the FORK.. DARN!!!!! *shhhh, my mum don't know ler*

This is how I look when I'm Sick and Tired... (T_T)

This look tells you that I need someone's warm care
and soft affection...

***pictures by Jeffrey Ong***


  1. Goodness! What did you do to yourself? *sayang sayang*

    Get well soon, Jeff. All you need is some TLC from *ahem* Alex! XD

  2. awhhh.. I'm so touch *tears of joy* got ppl sayang me! LOL.. *coughs* Thx for the get-well-wish..

    ermm.. can I get TLC from others ar? Duwan Al-ex!! xD

  3. What is TLC? Table, Ladder and Chair? Dont want wrestling with sick people... will get infected 1... :D

    Just a bit of moody only... dont act sick la :D

  4. wut the?? hahaha.. TLC is tender love and care ler, A-lex! aiyo..

    dun worry, even if we wrestle, i still win.. hahahaha.. *coughs coughs*

  5. Oh... then u can get that from Celine... Celine is good with that... If not go for Steph or Grace.... different favour! :D

    U get from me, i'll think u are gay XD LOVVVVVVL

  6. LMAO.. i wish.. unfortunately i duwanna spread my "disease" to anyone..

    LOL.. I think ur gay already..
    so u dun hv to think that.. hehehe xD

  7. Come come, lemme sayang you.

    Now you got my warm care and soft affection. Don't give that look anymore. :D SMILE WIDE WIDE!

  8. *winks* awwwhh..
    thx thx.. *imitate cat purrr*
    LOL.. Din know I had so many ppl who sayang me.. *jumps up! and shout* WOOT!