Friday, June 20, 2008


Today, there was a horrible discussion on animals... Not just any animals, but the cute little HAMSTERS! OMFG.. My friends are horrible people.. MUAHAHAHAHA!!

Ain't it the cutest thing??
[image is from here]

THE discussion was among my friends during lunch.. Seriously it was a random topic that became into a insane issue that got carried off!!

Firstly we were talking about my friend's friend's hamster, which was indeed very small (according to my friend). The hamster's daily activities was very BORED. When my friend picks it up, it just runs up my friend's shoulder - then my friend would bring it back down to his palm where the hamster would run up again.. The process repeats on and on..

Suddenly another friend pops in and tells his story about his hamsters which he had taken "goood" care off. They eventually died because of his "care" (=.=") OK THAT's WHERE THE STORY BEGINS!

So whacky ideas came about as his story goes on.. He got bored of the hamster's BORING routine.. Okay, then he proposed....

Dress it up like this! and give it some training??
[image is from here]

Why not turn a hamster into a yo-yo??
players are called yo-ster!
yoyo will be known as ham-yoyo..
The famous tricks are: Hamsters-around-the-world
and Walk-the-hamster!

Or let them learn Machinaries..
*evil laughs*
[image is from here]

My friend said, why not we battle the hamsters?
Shoot 'em Down!
Warning: No hamsters were injured during the shot.

The topic went on and on and on.. Until it was time to go back..
Last idea was dipping the hamster into a bucket of water, like the way people eat the mini steamboat aka "look-look" (don't know how to spell it, =.=")

How can people be so cruel??

All the poor hamsters..


  1. Awww... Hamster is sooooo cute, I had one, once, a loooooong time ago, and we named him/her (we didn't know how to tell, and where to look for the.. u it's a no gender creature--we decided then) Quickie, because it always move so fast, even when eating... And one day we found out that somebody (NOT me!) forgot to close the cage, end of the hamster story, maybe it has joined the rat kingdom somewhere and became the rat king, is that possible?

    Wkwkwkwk... (^_-)

  2. *awwwwhhh* yours ran away? I think it got homesick.. Maybe he went to France and learnt how to cook then? (Ratatouile!)

    Talking about it, I want a hamster too.. but sadly my family members and I have nose allergies to animals.. That's why even if I have one, I wouldn't last long with it.. (T_T)