Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Weeks have passed.. and yet.. my assignments are still not completed yet..
What have I been doing? Wait.. I've been busy with plenty of stuffs..
No wonder I can't finish it yet. LOL yea right! A lame excuse la weih~~

My programming assignment I don't think I'm even half way there.
The others? Not sure what the progress is also. Haiyo!
I quite worried also about the assignments..
Will I be able to score well for them?
Will I be able to submit it in time?? Sure hope so!

Right now I'm stuck in the midst of everything.. bored to death..
I feel like I wanna SHOUT OUT LOUD! and SAY I'm BORED!


There I was shouting out of boredom.. And here I received a news of disaster..
FUEL PRICE HAS BEEN INCREASED BY 78sen! Yes and that brings us to a total of RM2.70 per litre of fuel now! So much for all the subsidies the government was talking about..
What the heck? We pay for the taxes, now we're paying for a ENORMOUS change in the fuel price? The worst in history man! Malaysian Government stinks! Other bad things will soon emerge; food & beverages price increased drastically, stocks will also be affected, etc..

Haiyo.. because of this, my whole area was jammed with cars for hours. I received plenty of messages telling me the same thing. Thanks to all my friends who cautioned me about it.

Things so messed up, I'm now doubting whether I should drive to college or not, for the rest of my time there.. Basically if I don't go anywhere, I only pay like a max of RM65 for almost full tank.. Actually if it's empty then I'll have to pump in RM80 for 40 liters of petrol. But since the price have changed, I'll be paying RM108 for a full tank (if it's empty). OMG! I'm only driving a Myvi and it's like driving a Wira/Iswara. (=.=")

So much for fuel efficiency.. How about price efficiency huh?
Crap.. *^&$&@#$&^#$*%$!@@??!@*!@?

*sorry for the rudeness*

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