Monday, June 09, 2008


I've been thinking (well using some of my free times) about what I should get for myself this year.. A new laptop or a new camera?? Recently I found myself very attracted to cameras; in terms of taking pictures (camho-ing moments and also candid-ing other) and making stories out of pictures (lecturer told me 1 picture = 1000words @.@). However, the current one that I'm using is giving me quite a number of problems. At the same time, I really need a new laptop; my current one which is about 5 years of age (old already) needs to retire from tagging along side by side with me.

Both my current laptop and camera have their own problems:

  1. Slow in taking pictures
  2. Without flash, the amount of noise capture is "HEAVY", making pictures darn blur
  3. When taking with flash, everything in the background becomes darker (and NO, photoshop does not help in making it brighter)
  4. Taking candid pictures is difficult as the recycling time for the flash is long
  5. Cannot take pictures in the night (you don't see much)
  6. Cannot take pictures that is moving (even with flash on)
  7. Zooming makes the picture quality bad
  8. Limited number of modes within the camera
  9. Very troublesome, each time take a picture, editing is needed to re-correct the background colors.
  10. It's a slide on-off camera and its slider is loose!

  1. Old and slow (low in memory and processing speed)
  2. USB port is now problematic (can't detect anything: is said to be hardware failure) and now have to use an external USB (USB PCMCIA)
  3. Internet Connectivity is weird (when others can detect and connect to any network, mine can't! and vice versa)
  4. Cannot play games (my integrated graphics sucks!)
  5. Lagging when I'm doing my work (when I'm rushing to type notes, it lags! by about 2-3 seconds)
  6. Heavy
  7. Can't fully utilize it in battery mode (battery life is quite low even when fully charged)
  8. Doing work while running on battery is dangerous (my battery compartment is loose)
  9. Upgrades are very expensive
  10. Speakers are cracking

Boy, I've lots to complain about the both of them ei? Sorry lor, I know you both have been very loyal partners in crime.. However, you "guys" are not really catching up to my speed.. How can a robber runaway if the vehicle is slow? Take a cab or bus meh? OMIGOSH don't tell me to ride a bicycle??

Aiyo.. Headache headache.. For now I can only choose one. Which one? Camera or Laptop?
Both also important to me. Laptop is important but camera is cheaper (3 camera = 1 laptop)
But if I buy camera, I still have some cash to spend on my daily expenses.. How ler, How ler??

@.@ lost in frustration.. Can anyone help me?

Back and front pictures of my D-Cam

Top and Under of my Lappie


  1. Get the lappie,dude! Your future is more important! *Quote from Jeff himself*

    camera can get later as u can borrow someone to use or just bring the person with camera along then use them as your cameraman. LOL

  2. LOL future is important.. but camera is too! When I need a camera, to quick snap something as proof or evidence that relates to my work, WHERE CAN I FIND A CAMERAMAN??

    well I'm trying to budget for both.. Am looking for part time jobs, any recommendations?? Then maybe I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone..

  3. Sell buttock at Chow Kit Road. nice paid but bad welfare :D

    Try to ask Celine or Steph... maybe Grace too... they might have some part time jobs available. :D or get a phone with nice camera spec lo... :D oh... forgot to ask for your number. can i have it? :D

  4. LOL.. My buttocks very precious.. Can't sell them for anything... XD

    Yea, soon I'll be bothering them alot! hehehehe.. if you see them, tell be to be ready.. LOL!

    Sure.. I'll pm u via FB.. Btw, I'm not gonna buy a camera phone.. It's way expensive or it just sux badly..

  5. Get a laptop instead, like what Alex say. Unless you don't mind working on a desktop at home.

    Let's weight the pros and cons for both:

    - convenient, portable
    - expensive

    - cheap
    - good to have if you take picture very often. e.g. blogging, self keeping

    In my case, I would get a camera because I don't need a laptop (cause I'm using someone else's laptop. LOL). But if usually do your work in college or friends' place, e.g. group discussion and all. Laptop will be a better choice. What more, it's an investment that will last you for years, provided you take good care of it la. ;)

  6. Hahaha.. A professional advice! ahh.. just what I need.. Unfortunately I'm in need of both.. but can only choose one..

    looking at the odds, i guess i will have to get the laptop.. however i'm still trying to score some part time jobs over the weekends, to get extra money.. then I can buy both loo..hehehe..

    in the event if i were to get a new lappie, i'll definitely take good care of it.. i'll nurture it, take care of it wen it's "sick", provide it with the best "vitamin", etc.. I'll treat the new lappie like my girlfriend.. ^^ LOL!

    i'll be buying one in august.. well hopefully i get a good bargain then..