Friday, June 13, 2008


Everyone's talking about what they want to be and what they going to be in the future... Most of us in college studying our very own selected courses, already have a mindset of their own job scope after or upon graduation.

I had so many different ambitions and dreams, that I don't even know where to start with. And guess what? I've even wanted to be a model! Woot! *imagining myself posing, @snap snap@, appearing in magazines/posters* Unfortunately, it takes talent and height.. which both of them I don't have. T_T Anyone can help?

Well my ambitions were never related to what I am studying. Truth be told, I did not really think that I would be an IT consultant, a system developer or designer or even a Computer Engineer (well this I did had a moment thinking about it, but I'm gonna be looking geeky weih!)

All I wondered was whether I would a chef, owner of a chained restaurant, a hacker (ok this might relate to what I'm studying, INDIRECTLY), a pro gamer, an electrician/plummer (errm, don't ask), a race car driver, a mechanic, a traveler, a hotel tycoon, a mad scientist (LOL, now this is was for fun) , or even a body builder.. Actually there's more to my ambitions.. But it's all too long to list out..

Hmm.. I guess I've been living a clueless life ei? Well better get back to my studies now.. Been "wandering" around too much for one day!


  1. Ahww... Jeffro.. What a coincident? Lol... I've been thinking of writing this since yesterday and we come up with this post on the same day"? 13th? Lol.. COol!

    Now I know that you do have dreamszzz... and And hey! You want to be a model or.. chef? Cool.. but totally no correlation btw these 2 fields.
    But no worries, I guess you know what you want by now.. aren't you?
    Haha... studies smart and hard jeff!

  2. Whoa whoa whoa..confused huh? Err..I'd say you need to slow down abit and think things slowly.

    People do mistakes most of the time by rushing things. So I'd say you just sit it over, think hard, prioritize your needs and set up a goal in your life. Being mature with your decisions is part of growing up in life.

    Don't worry, I'm sure you'll do well in whatever you'll choose. Just take some time to think it over - Seriously.

    Take care ayt!

  3. @CurryEgg: haha... coincidence it is.. the moment i saw your post, I was like *WOAAAHHHH, JINX!*

    well Chef was because I like eating.. but I couldn't take spicy food, so Chef's like out of my mind ady.. Im considering modelling.. (giving it a shot) *winks*

    Hmm.. actually though I think I know what I want.. but i'm still a little hesitated about it.. well nvm.. still got plenty of time till i settle down.. hehehe, thx ya!

    @whoismarc: yes man, confusion was the word.. ya totally agree with you, i nid to sit down in a quiet place and rethink about wat i want.. giving it a serious thought.. *rubbing eyebrows* Thx for the advice! hehe.. will keep that in mind.. xD