Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Not Your Average Super Hero

I wanna see Hancock! And the best way is to win a ticket! Hehehe.. So here I go~!

Human Torch

We all know the Human Torch (HT) from Fantastic 4 and his mischievousness. After saving the world and ya-dah ya-dah, he wasn't really satisfied with it. Being the good guy doesn't always pay. There's not much fun and soon, his expenses got bigger, boredom grows more, feels like there's nothing much in life, wanna impress his fans (who are getting bored) even more, etc.. SOOOooooooooo, He decided to challenge other superheroes to see who's the best. But the moment he started, the havoc and disasters begin!

HT against Superman in terms of flying: HT tried to out-speed Superman.. Superman lost! Why? HT was boosting to supernova speed and it caused massive raging fire everywhere~! Superman had to clean out the mess, that's why he lost..

HT against Batman in terms of fighting: Batman lost! Why? His cape was on fire! He was burnt nearly naked~! Nearby paparazzi took picture of Batman aka Bruce Wayne...

HT against Ironman: Ironman lost! Ironically, his metal pieces weren't that durable when it came to Nova Flame (they melted off eventually) and all his nifty gadgets were ashes before they reached HT... Half the city was blown into pieces because of them..

HT against Wolverine: Same thing like Ironman.. Adamantium weren't exactly the best thing to fight with HT.. End of the day, Wolverine was restructured into Cat-erine! Cat-erine was sent to the neatest SPCA..

HT against Hulk: Hulk maybe big in size, but he ain't swift like HT. HT also has a sense of humour, which later calm Hulk back to his human form. HT won indirectly @.@ (lame right?)

There were more... but too many to tell..

Human Torch felt proud.. Crowned himself the winner! And went back to his daily routines, saving the day! *star wars melody in the background*

It's not easy being a superhero......

***Hope I win a ticket!***

There are heroes… there are superheroes… and then there’s Hancock. With great power comes great responsibility – everyone knows that – everyone, that is, but Hancock. Edgy, conflicted, sarcastic, and misunderstood, Hancock’s well-intentioned heroics might get the job done and save countless lives, but always seem to leave jaw-dropping damage in their wake. The public has finally had enough – as grateful as they are to have their local hero, the good citizens of Los Angeles are wondering what they ever did to deserve this guy.

More details? Check here.


  1. Yay! I hope u win win win and i also win win win then hurrrray!

  2. LOL!! let's have a win win situation~! hahahaha.. woot!

  3. Hmm... I thought u have to be a member of nuffnang then only can win?

    Or am i wrong?

  4. A-lex: Well I became a member of nuffnang.. then only i join the contest.. I registered ady ler..
    just dat i havent' been given the ads from them yet.. ^^