Sunday, June 29, 2008


Today is quite an important day for June, as it is the day where she will compete in a ballroom dancing competition against many other contestants. Haha, I guess it's not quite important, it's VERY important for her..

However, like everyone else, she has to face certain obstacles. But these "obstacles" she faced was purely jealousy from her friends towards her, IMO that is. Apparently the competition kick offs at 4pm, but June was told by her friends that it starts at 6pm. So what happened? She went late.. Her friends bullshit her.. Now should I even address them as friends? Low-life scumbags that cannot accept that others are simply better than them, shouldn't be called as friends..

Fortunately for June, though she did not head the competition for the championship, June managed to enter the finals and got 7th best position! So CONGRATULATIONS June! *hugs* You did well! Good job *pats on the back*

She did great! But she was mistreated with unfairness from her so-called friends. What do you think of them??


  1. Ola Jeff!!!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's friends...but coming from personal experience (I used to be a musical performer), I find that showbusiness only ruins friendships!

    Unless you're already established (like you're famous or the casting has been pre-determined) and/or your friend is like doing something else...maybe a dancer while I was actor and singer then it is okay. But otherwise, well I used to have this really close guy friend and we both were going for the same role.

    Before auditions we're still like "best friends" but even after auditions...even though we keep saying "I'm sure you'll get it!" or "your audition went well!" actually inside we were cursing each other already! Like...aiiya I'm much better than you and stuff like that. Maybe even hoping that he will screw up.

    And then the day when the roles came out and I got the role and he was supposed to be my "understudy". Right then and there he said out loud in front of me; "How the hell did you get it over me!"

    Man I hated him so much at that time but was still very glad I got the role! Stil, he kept trying to sabotage me so he will get to take my place on opening night. And I retaliated by doing some rather nasty things. In the end the director got so pissed that she fired him from the production all together! "If you must be in the play you can go ask the backstage if they got place!" she said! Even when he beg least make him a background dancer/singer she still won't. "How can I trust you not to mess up on the opening night when you keep making problems now!"

    That was the end of our friendship...for the duration of the musical!

    I'm glad to say that guys...(maybe it's different with girls) are not quite so *siu hei!* means, once the whole nightmare and drama is over...normally stil can be friends again. Like we apologized and stuff and in the end (about 3 months after the play was over) we became friends again.

    SO maybe your friend's friends will come to their senses soon enough

  2. Dude.. totally feel ya..
    Thx for sharing your experience too.. in fact I had certain problems like this also, in the past..

    Let's just hope these people will just wake up one day to find out about their wrongdoings and regret them..

  3. if i were june, i certainly will bitch them to hell lo!

  4. Yea, I'll join in the bashing of biatch too!