Friday, June 06, 2008


Well it took me quite a while to make this decision.. But finally, it's done. Over and done.
I think I've mentioned that I am in the Student Council aka SARC (Student Activities and Recreation Council) in my college. However, the statement will change from now on; I WAS in the Student Council.

Some may think that it's a good sign, since the SARC-ers (a nick given to them by yours truly, PM me for the right pronunciation) are most of the time busy doing voluntary jobs and events but not getting paid (well at least not with money, just being paid with experiences gained from each event). But I don't think of it as a good thing though. Yea it's true there's a lot of hardship in it, but that trains our commitment to a job. I'll sure miss it.

I have my personal reasons of which I cannot mention here. Therefore today, I officially told one of the Advisers and the President, that I'll be leaving SARC. Sorry guys, I'm afraid I won't be able to help much. Due to my personal matters, I will need the extra time to do my own stuffs instead of handling events with you all.. I will miss you guys! *lol, sounded like I'm going away to somewhere far, like Sydney! [yea right, I wish!]*

It was quite a pleasure working with them, although there were some incidents which really PISSSSSSES me off.. But it was a pleasant experience with most of you all. Thanks for all the superb help you've given me, all the assistance I needed throughout the entire process. Thanks a million!

This is my resignation.

ps: Don't worry, whatever task at hands, I will complete them first. I shall fulfill most of my responsibility before I step down (woot! I finally get a chance to say that)

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