Wednesday, June 11, 2008


WooHoo~~! Got my second semester's results! and PROUD of it! Well it might be a not-so-recent news.. but it is certified!! hahaha.. I got 4.0's for the second semester (wakakakaka, my turn to brag!)

well firstly I would like to thank my mum for her grooming and nurturing, for her TLC, etc.. then I would like to thanks my teammates; Julian, OLY, and Wai Hong, for all their efforts and hard work that you guys spend on "educating" me.. ok ok, nuff said.. oscar winnings meh??
(Due to the respect of my friends' privacy, I would not publish their pictures.)

now how did we manage to score 4.0's? there's prove.. I'll show you what we did.. It became such a HIT among the lecturers that they could not believe what us bunch of mischievous and noisy kids can do quietly behind the scenes..

Well at first I didn't think it was going to end up like this.
Apparently, 6 weeks of project turn into this... @.@

6cm~~~ the assignment used up 500++ pages..

Finally we bind it all and its ready to be submitted. Woohoo~

See! If this didn't give us 4.0 I don't know what else does... We set a standard for all newcomers.. haha.. Good Luck juniors... Woot!

***pictures taken by Jeffrey Ong***


  1. Wow... congratulation!
    4.0... Oh my.. How I've been dying to achieve that. You must be a bright student, aren't you? ;D
    Thank for your visit to my blog and I'm glad to read your first post on your 4.0 result. (SOmething very positive).

    Keep up the good work!

  2. haha.. Thx thx.. however it's only a 2nd semester.. I'm hoping to score the same for this semester too! hehehe..

    reli im not that bright.. i had some help from some frenz.. otherwise, i wudnt be touching those scores oso.. hehe..

    Thx and welcome! hehehe..

  3. Ahwww... if you're not 'bright' and talented, it's not working although you get help from others..

    Trust yourself that you can.. ;D

  4. Congratulation to you, Jeff! That's my boy. I'm so proud of you! *sob* *tears of joy* :)

    Well, I believe you can do it again for any other semester! :)

  5. OOoo curryegg since you put it that way.. then i guess im kinda smart in a way *BIGGEST grins* Thx for trusting that I can do it.. *hugs* ^^

    Hahaha.. *sobs with tears of joy and laughter* Thanks! *hugs* awwhh.. I feel touched.. *wanna cry ady* I will try my best not only for this semester but for all the coming ones too!

    *** i sound like i've been given a grammy award, LOL ***