Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Fuuuuhhh.. The day was really hectic.. Started off the morning with a tutorial class, but that was kinda bored.. UNTIL... management class commenced! The DEBATE begins!

Debate was entitled "Men are born to be leaders and Women are made to be leaders".
Exciting topic ei? It's a HOT issue! Haha.. I'll let my pictures tell ya..

The Chairperson, Mr Amir, starts it off

Benjamin, the 1st speaker

The oppositions listen carefully

So do the audience!

Look at the crowd~!

Even the scorekeeper (Julian) and chairperson were so focused..

Not forgetting our Special Guest Judges

*****10MINUTES BREAK!!******


3 Good looking Scorekeepers~~

*****ALRIGHT~ Break's OVER!!! Let's continue!!!******

The proposition team are preparing to wrap up..

The opposition team also wrapping up..


And that was the end of the debate.. Who won? The proposition.. They had stronger points..
Where was I? Duh! Was busy snapping pictures lar.. *I heard the whole debate la weih*

Okies.. right after class, we all went for lunch..

Miss Michelle posing!
(btw this is my collegemate,
not the Michelle that's link to my bloggie)
**both are good looking, but TWO different people**


Wanna Camho summore,
but sadly *sigh* was mistaken for an attempt to Molest (=.=")

After lunch went to our usual study place in college, where we started doing our assignment (actually continuation from where we last stopped)..

Poor guy was still hungry after lunch..

Check out our "workplace"..
see the dude doing work with 2 lappies?

The guy in red is me..
I was also busy doing work *yea right!*

See what's on the ground??
*ZOOMS IN* all connected together..
our "network"

A friend dropped by..
She's JOEY!
My new camho buddy??
fat hopes..


  1. kor.. nice blog..

    i like!!!


    luv lots...

  2. Mui!! hehehehe
    *hugs* Thankies..
    *winks winks*

    love ya lots,
    kor V.(^_^).V

  3. Wow! Who's laptop is that? He sure looks like he need a new one. Jeffrey, maybe you should consider doing charity by donating yours to him. LOL!

  4. Haha.. Well that's my coursemate's.. Very much older laptop than mine.. @.@ haha he'll be getting a new one soon.. not to worry about that.. LOL!

    (of coz not from me, he said it wud be from his uncle)