Friday, June 27, 2008


Well though these few days, my friends and I were dang busy, however we did manage to find some time to fool around... just to straighten our heads again... cool off the stress level that has been building up over the days due to the problems arising one after another just when we thought we could chill.. *phew*

Oh yea, I've something to share with you all. When a person did not sleep for 2 nights in a row, the person's vision may get blur... I've got proof! This is what happened 2 days ago..

that day I was unpacking my bag..

took out my lappie

next I took out my boxfile

OMGWTFBBQLMAO???!!! a TV remote control??!!


ARHHHH!!! MUM's gonna screw me when she finds out!

Guess what? I found out it was a universal remote! See??!!

Well as you can see, no matter how busy we are, we could still have some fun.. *lame* LOL!


This thing has been spamming others
Check it out....



Even my friend who is busy working

It stole my friend's earphones??!!

Manage to find its twin sista?

Suddenly the madness spread around....

and the super duos appeared!

Finally, the heroin got hungry..


  1. Lol.. this post is really lame.. haha..
    Couldn't imagine how you can take your tv remote control to class? HAha.. and the 'shit soft toy' is really cute.. kekekz..


  2. Curryegg: Haha.. Seriously everyone of my frenz were very (=.=") [zardou]..

    I guess the 2 days without sleep marathon blurred my vision.. i mistaken the remote for a calculator.. LOL *winks*

    yea.. the soft toy was from a fren of mine.. it was a great camho-ing partner.. LMAO!

  3. tats my toys...the pink shit i

    i'm also a great camho-ing parter...haha...

  4. @Joey: Hahaha.. yupz! I found a GREAT CAMHO-ING partner! woot!

  5. Hey~~ that's the tahi from Dr. Slump comic.

  6. Haha.. ada baca comic itu ka? LOL!