Friday, June 13, 2008


Problems, frustrations, stress, tension, anxiety, pressure, obstructions, setbacks, downfalls, failures, etc..

Well I guess no one is able to run away from these things... I wouldn't dare to say I could, however I try to avoid them as much as possible by diverting them into some place else... *sigh*

Today, I had a short conversation with my mum (well actually everyday we do have this sort of chat; a mum-son talk) and she sort of told me her problems she's facing at her current workplace... Her boss is a double-headed-snake+two-tailed-fox who takes credit but throws blame at others... My mum is one of the victims there... At first she was treated very well when she first started off. Then things started turning around, seriously it changed for the worse... Soon, my mum faces all the problems which she expected but did not think it'd be that fast. Her boss gave her some task, with clear instructions. Then my mum completes the job, let's her superior check it, and finally was approved. But when the customer complaints about the details being wrongly keyed in and the amount was not right, the first thing the boss did was scold my mum. As far+long as I've known my mum, she's one careful individual in doing her work (even when she does the housework, she's very particular with the slightest things) therefore I know she has done her job in accordance to the instructions. Well, that's not what the Boss thinks! The Boss tells my mum that though it is not written down, but it was mentioned earlier about the changes. Woah, good excuse hor? In this case, not only my mum gets P.I.S.S.E.D off, even I got angry when I heard it. Boss may have state any changes, but then the boss was also the last to check it before it was sent out! *GRRRR* I know exactly how my mum feels, 'cause I was in the same situation (yes, even in schooling days).

That's only one incident that happened to my mum. I bet there's more... However, my mum's like me, she hardly shares the problems unless necessary... I wish I could help her, the only thing I could think off at the moment is asking her to quit her job, but I'll have to take over the financial problems of the family... And yet I still need to buy my gadgets... Crap! That's my problem...

I've been thinking, I could work off the weekends and earn some $$ but I lose out on time for my assignments.. But if I only did my assignments+studies, I lose out on time to work... OMG.. Problems! Just a moment ago, a really really stupid thought arise between my malfunctioning brain cells - QUIT STUDY, AND WORK! *smacks myself on the forehead* *bitch slap my face*

These are only one of the few matters that bother me right now... I just wished I could solved them somehow... *grabs my Moji's and hugs 'em* Can't do much at the moment.. Just hoping I could graduate fast, get a job, and let my mum retire and relax at home.. Awaiting that day..

**sorry for bragging about my problems, just don't know what I can do, when I couldn't find anyone to talk to (I mean over the phone), MSN giving me problems (I guess it's SICK also), and I find talking to myself in front of the mirror is getting boring (I know it sounds weird, but hey sometimes it works for me)**

Don't worry, I'm pretty sure things will be alright as soon as I get up in the morning.. *smiles*
Alright, I'm off to bed.. Classes in the morning!

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