Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Thought taking some medicine and vitamins would help over the night as I sleep.. But nope, IT GOT WORSE.. Today I woke up, and I started weezing along with the coughs.. My mum asked me, "Boy, since when you got asthma?" (=.=") Yea it did sound like I had asthma alright.. And cause of that, I kinda lost appetite for breakfast, just had a cup of tea and head straight to college..

Now I'm in college, and truth be told I don't feel so good.. I don't know if I could even last till Maths class which is in the late afternoon.. Worse of all, THE EVER SO TALKATIVE dude, is gonna have to be almost quiet for the whole day! OMG! (O.O)

Boy it was tough in college even if it's till only 5pm.. Been coughing so much that people started to think I was really having SARS.. Some even walked away from me.. At the same time, I had some breathing problems.. So I took out out my handkerchief and wrapped around my mouth..

Some people said I looked like a bandit, some said I looked like a Masked Rider (wtf?), some even questioned my sanity, "eh You ok ar?" I couldn't really speak clearly for the first half of the day, so I didn't really bother telling them.. I just pointed to my throat and coughed! (I didn't pretend to cough, it came on time)

I had to do it because my coughing is getting bad to worse as time pass by.. I didn't want spread the cough around and I got tired of covering my mouth all the time.. Haihz.. Well some of my friends don't know this, but I have some breathing problems (minor one though). I can't really breathe through my nose, instead I've been using my mouth as the main breathing tool. And for that I'm kinda sensitive to narcotized smoke. That's why I need the "cover" as a filter for breathing as well as a protection for others.. Mum! I remember to close my mouth everytime I call.. Hehehe xD *coughs badly* LOL

Well that's how I'm gonna be looking for tomorrow also.. Haiyo, people, if I wear like that surprises you already, what more would it be if I were to wear a surgical mask? You all might even think I'm a serial killer (=.=")!

***picture taken by Jeffrey Ong***

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