Thursday, June 26, 2008


Was too busy that I had to stay up late and do my work. Of course at the same time, I'm also doing my own personal work and chatting with friends. Yea, learning how to multi-task at the wrong time. But this is how I've been doing my work most of the time. That's why I can never complete my work in the faster way, because I want to enjoy and do work at the same time.

Weird? But it's true.. My working lifestyle has always been that way, though I do last minute, but I prepare things for my last minute work, so no matter how last-minute it is, I can still finish my work..

*yawns...* Not enough sleep from yesterday.. *slaps myself* I need to stay awake to complete my work.. What am I doing here? Well, I can't put my obligations asides no matter how busy I am...

*no matter by boyzone music playing in background*

Okies.. GtG back to work now.. Update later.. *waves*


  1. hihi, next time if u need a slap, u can ask me for help... haha, i m so willing 2help u... hehe... =P
    doin great all the time ya ('o')
    miss u and all the best XD

  2. *sobs sobs... *hides one corner and cry* kelly wanna slap slap me..


    but thx for ya wishes.. xD