Sunday, June 22, 2008


I have given myself some thoughts about modeling. I think I might wanna try modeling. I heard it's fun and I can get to know more people.. Which is totally great for me (if I get a chance) since I consider myself as a people guy and I like fun!!

SO tonight I decided to give it a try.. Put on some clothes.. and pose around..

Will you guys and girls give me some feedback?? Whether or not I qualify to be in modeling industry?

how I wish I could wear like this to college

Do I look funny?

Random pose

Trying to cool with jeans

Carlsberg anyone?


Emo style



  1. well, u wanted comment rite..

    here u go..

    i totally love the half formal.. looks really good on u!!!

    the casual a bit weird.. wat is with the blue thing???

    jeans is a thumbs up!!

    booze is HOT!!!

    sleevless...err... no comment.. lol

    emo is PERFECT!!!!! coz i am emo myself... haha.

    glad u learnt something from my crappy blog..!!! haha


  2. I like the emo pose.

  3. LOL! this so funny..
    i vote for carlsberg can!

  4. @Ruey:
    *HUGS!* great feedback!
    Thx for the compliments!
    The first casual with the blue stripe is a Long Sleeves from Suave.. It's their design.. Can't do much..
    The sleeveless was an add-on (was from a previous picture)

    Thx alot mui! *hugs again*

  5. @Regina: Thx! *hugs*

    @HonMun: *high5* Haha I kinda like that one too! *smiles*

  6. it's okie.. coz i dun want too many things on my blog.. haha.. later very hard to load.. like ur blog like many pictures.. haha.. my comp got prob le.. haha

  7. @Ruey: alrite then.. well no worries about that.. just my suggestion only.. *winks* Sorry if my page takes quite a while to load.. *my bad*

  8. ehm, I think by half formal, u meant semi-formal?

    p/s: sweet post.

  9. YES Emo Emo!!! Followed by half-formal!!! and Booze

    HALF-FORMAL is cool coz you're just that type of face which says "I'm laid back but will dress up if the occasion calls for it..". Take BOOZE for example! BOOZE was pretty awesome!

    And EMO was TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Because...well coz it was black and white and you obviously went the extra mile to touch up on it (presumably coz you thought it was your favourite as well?) and you it look like it came off some Taiwanese Star's CD cover or something!!! (^.^)

    I must say CASUAL and JEANS were a little wierd for me. The blue line on your shirt in Casual is drawing attention and putting on weight.

    And the jeans jacket removes your body definition (as so glaringly obvious in SLEEVELESS) which, by the way is a bad thing. You didn't go through all that trouble toning up your arms/body/etc to hid it first by wearing the CASUAL shirt then by pulling on the JEANS jacket.
    If you're going for the JEANS look try worn-out denim pants and a shorter and tighter white shirt maybe. You want it to go with a worn out belt with a huge buckle. That way you can wear the JEANS jacket but still have a tight white shirt that shows your body definition. The belt helps people see where your body ends and where your pants begins (do not tuck your shirt in! make sure it falls naturally above the belt!)

    Sleeveless was cool but a tad on the "at home wear" side.

    I noticed something though...same pants?

  10. Roshann:
    Yea.. U got that rite.. *winks* Thx!

    Woot! AWESOME feedback..
    love your idea man.. should have done that earlier.. Thanks for the comments man.. Will keep that in mind.. *winks*

    Btw.. BOOYAH! You observed well! Same pants, coz all the others were in the washing mac..LOL!