Monday, June 23, 2008

Went Genting and Came back... Part 1

Yupz! Took a night off to cool down and ease off my stress and tension..
So I went up to Genting with my friends:

Aaron, Alex, Celine, Chung Lern, James, Jiun Jie, Ju Yau,
Saroj, Siew Mei, Stephanie and Yee Fong.

However, most of them went up early in the morning. So, the balance - Alex, Siew Mei and I went up and met them for dinner. Boy, was the weather up there cold! Coming to think of it, I haven't been to Genting since... since.. *scratches head*.. SINCE after my SPM!

Pictures taken before we were there.. How?
*Piak piak* Someone's else's camera lor..


From left: Stephanie, Aaron, Ju Yau, James, Jiun Jie,
Saroj, Yee Fong, Celine, Kevin (He cycled up Genting! *BOOYAH!*)

Chung Lern is in front..

Genting's Trademark

a view of Genting

Another view of genting


Now.. Pictures taken when we were all there.. Hehe xD


Celine aka Caelum

Sitting on the rail

Ju Yau smiling... Siew Mei wondering...

Aaron slurping away

Saroj aka Kouji

Yours Truly

Yee Foong aka Surei Sama

--pictures taken using a Canon EOS 30D--
--special thanks to Aaron--

SAD NEWS AHHHH!!!! Among my friends, I'm THE YOUNGEST!!
and I can't enter the Car-seee-NOOO!!
Luckily got a few pals to accompany me..


Was smiling, and got kicked!

Couldn't resist the mirror!

random shot

MatKooL, hang on there!

Look at her ride

Look at me ride!

I never knew riding train was this fun!

Harry Potter's portrait!


Don't go, don't leave me!

If you can't beat them, JOIN them!

Reminds you of Bollywood?

She asking me to chill

The dude can seriously craft pieces of art!


Anywhere, anytime, anyhow.. Can pose!

And.... NO! I did not forget my assignments, I'm working on it now..
Over and out!

ps: the pictures are being sorted out and adjusted, so do be patience ya.. *winks*

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