Friday, June 06, 2008


You've probably heard of guys being rejected by girls over the years when they asked a girl out, but have you ever heard of a guy being rejected more than 20 times by more than 20 girls in a single night??? That poor guy IS ME!

Alright, you all most probably know that tomorrow at noon there will be a Roxy Summer Splash Party at Sunway.. I was definitely excited to go for it, and have a splash BIG time with "people" in their swim wears.. A friend of mine gave me an invitation ticket for it..

Unfortunately, I think it's gonna be wasted by yours truly.. What happened? I called and asked politely however, rejection is all I got (well except for the last minute, but still I did not have a partner to share my ticket with.. T_T)

I'll explain the story with some illustrations.. HAHA.. Be ready!

Got the invitation ticket from Suresh(in college)... Thanks Bro!

Then I started calling people (even from college),
asking whether they would like to join me for the event..
Even tried convincing some of them to come..
*people here = girls*

However, rejections never cease to strike me over and over again..
I got really disappointed..

I was in total despair.. why me? why me? why, why me??

Then, I went raging furious.. ARGGH!!!!

I had enough!
I can't stand it anymore.. I'm gonna end it right now!

This is proof! I swear I'll take it all!

That's the end! Everything stops there!


Sadly, it doesn't and OF COURSE I'm not that dumb to just end it all there.. C'mon ,I got a life.
But seriously I believe I deserve more than that.. It's not fair!
Is this God's fate for me? Tian ah! Wei shi me ni tui wo xiang zhi yang?

**Pictures are all taken by Jeffrey Ong


  1. lol..finally i also go with u u no need take so many medicine de..=.=
    c u 2molo

  2. I wun be going to sunway loo..
    My fault oso din get the ticket earlier.. if not can actually plan it better.. last minute i get very hard oso.. So sorry...

  3. Lucky fellow! Get to go to wet party with a girl! :P and still so choosy and demanding :D

  4. @.@ Did you read the blog??
    Main hentam saje... I did not even go for the party.. =.="

  5. you friend reply here mah!
    "lol..finally i also go with u u no need take so many medicine de..=.=
    c u 2molo"


    too bad that u cannot go also :D

  6. EH! Those pills are healthy pills. HAHAHA! I eat them too. U wouldn't end up the way u did in the last pict. WAKAKAKA!

  7. a-lex:
    the comment was written the day before the party.. I WISH IT WAS TRUE.. but after that, cancelled ady.. so din go lor..

    - m i c h e l l e - :
    aiya.. couldn't hide the truth from you.. SHHHHHhhhh.. ppl don't know.. Let 'em be fooled.. muahahaha... xD

  8. LOL..
    love your way of story telling..haha


  9. Haha.. Didn't though you would come up with something as creative. Hehe.. the next Kenny Sia in the making! XD

  10. GnomeFan: LOL2.. Thanks! Hope I'll have more stories later on.. Haha.. XD

    Celine: Woot! Not bad for a beginner ei? But loOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOonngg way till I reach Kenny Sia's level.. Need to gambateh more! Thx Celine!

  11. Hey...gud all tat pills vitamin ah bro??lol...Life's to short...Live the best you can wit it!!!!!..XD..

  12. Aiyo! How come people know it's vitamin pils?? Is it so obvious??
    Next time i go get some real ones... *winks*

  13. babychu: Thx *paiseh* Hehe xD