Thursday, May 28, 2009

MDG2 #2 - During the Event

Continuation from MDG2 #1

Am not gonna talk much about the event here, cause there's plenty of pictures to show
and cause I actually forgotten most of what had happened.. The pictures shown below will speak for themselves..

The Start-off:

The event was started off by the MC's

A short entertainment for us...

The hostess and host of the night...

Let the show begin:

The runways..

The were camera-men&women on my left and right..

and even behind! Scary >.<>

Imma calling for help!
Save me from the camera-attacks!

Short Interval:

During the short break,
some would either live blog, or in this case,
live plurk about MDG2!

Back to the show:

The top 3 walking down the runway with style...
(L-R) Pinky, Dawn, Juanita

From fashion attires, to fashion accessories...

let's take a look from a different angle & perspective...

through different "eyes" as well...

The top 3 posing the fashion accessories...

Small-awards give-away:

Kenny was so excited as if he had won the award..

The Close-Ups:

Ming & Denezia

Natasha & Dawn


The Finale:

All top 12 walking gracefully down the runway...

And the winner is...
*drum rolls*


Winning an Aveo along...

and what did I get??

A goodie bag with these in it..
Gosh, will there be a MalaysianDreamBoy?
I wanna join and win a car too!

That's all from MDG2 people...
*Over and Out*

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