Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just For You..

A post just for Hitomi...
(hope it helps you though)

What's there about you?
Well, I only got to know you from Nuffnang's Music Bash...
So it's only like been a while since then...

What I find interesting about her was firstly her name..
Hitomi Gosetsuke
I don't know what that means, but I think it's cool!
but another tinsy winsy thing,
I don't know her real name also..

So far there's only an uploaded picture, that I manage to get hold of..
A picture of us... A picture that made us look great!

I was there as Rain, and Hitomi as Avril

Well I find Hitomi very friendly indeed.
She's nice, and I found out that she quite a pianist herself..
According to her, she tutors piano lessons as part time job.
Cool ei?

Click here to check out her composition

I can't say more than I already have..
cause it'll spoil the fun of getting to know her..

So to whom are reading this, and wishes to get to know her..
Quickly head over to



  1. check it out..

  2. wow just for hitomi?
    thats sweet.. or that a blog promo for her?
    haha then when's mine? =P

  3. @Ken:
    hahaha.. actually she requested for it.. XD I only did so short, because that's only of how much I know her since the Music Bash =P

    yours ar? err... dunno.. XD