Saturday, May 30, 2009

Annoying Neighbours

Alright, today is already a HOT-mind-blasting day, and to make things worse, one of my neighbours decided to do a karaoke session. That's not all, they went out of tune for every high pitch.

If YOU can't PULL it, why bother??
It's so loud I could hear it from my kitchen!

I've been patient with them.. and NOW, enough is enough! I'll show you something that happened couple of weeks back, when I recorded it (I know it's against human rights and policy, I'm sorry, please don't put me in jail..) during a rainy afternoon... They were LOUDER THAN RAIN itself.. WTF?!

Irritating/Annoying or not?
The heat + this torture = can die ady..

help me people.. help...
for the sake of all humanity & mankind...


With short updates:

#1: Jeffro HATES my neighbour who karaokes LOUDLY in the middle of the day, what's worse, OUT OF TUNE! (4pm @ Plurk/Twitter/Facebook)

#2: Jeffro SAYS it's TIME to FIGHT "FIRE" with "FIRE" *blast out my music like there's no tomorow!* MUAHAHAHA! (4.27 @ Plurk/Twitter/Facebook)

#3: Jeffro SAYS WTF??!!! From Womanizer, now they going "I'm a Barbie Girl..." Yeah, you mmg BABI! ROAR~! (5.34 @ Plurk/Twitter/Facebook)

Lucky I had a friend to company and to chat along..
to help me forget the darn singing..

Thank you Sandra!


  1. OMG the video is so funny!!!

    "dancing queen" LOL.

    Use ear plugs?

  2. @Jac:
    LOL.. i did it becoz beh tahan..
    wanted to show my mum as well.. =P

    I dun use ear plugs when im alone at home, because mine are noise isolated, meaning i put them on, i cant hear the rest of the world..

  3. hey, i like your 'dancing queen' post...pity you

    **just pass by your blog

  4. @Aiteng:
    haha.. thanks! well yah it's hard to bear with the massive ear-damage.. but im okay =D just wanted to let it out only..

  5. Pity you young man...(lol).. If that happen to me...I will definitely go shopping...jeez its raining...

    no way to run man..... T_T

  6. @Cath:
    Haha.. yeah.. it kinda sux being stuck at home, with these sorta neighbours.. Oh well, i'll live.. =D