Sunday, May 10, 2009


Seriously, I'm addicted to Wii - a game console. How so? Ever since I first laid hands on them back in Jamie's Party, I somewhat had the yearn to play it even more..

In result to that, on the day of BMM#3, (behold for I am about to reveal a fact!), I actually went to ChrisTock's place early in the morning (say about 9?) just to play Wii! AlexG can be my witness. LOL We played till it was time for lunch-meet-up with the rest of the bloggers/non-bloggers at CineLeisure.

Again yesterday, I went to celebrate an ex-classmate's (Teresa) birthday, only to find out that she owns a Wii too! I was like
*jaws dropped* OMG~! So I sinisterly planned how the evening would be. But things got out of expectation, after the partay was considered over (around 11+pm), another "party" was about to begin, and it involves Wii! Some of us were still around by then, so we were busting out our moves and laughter over the Wii. Guess what? I played from then till 5 plus this morning. Meaning 6-7 hours on the Wii.. Wootza! Beat that yo!

Addiction + Yearning to play again = I LOVE Wii!

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