Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I Can Relate to Ghost of Girlfriends Past

Looking at the movie's introductory, this reminds me of my far cousin who's like that of the main role played Matthew McConaughey. With his charms, he would be with different girls different week either just going on a simple date or having the girl as a partner to some event/gathering/outing. Never once have I seen him with the same girl more than once.

But I guess he could afford doing so, since he was working as some sort of executive. Spending and enjoying luxurios moments are one of his best works. However, after not seeing him for years, somewhat when I saw him again, he changed. Not only did he not have many girls around his waist, but he has actually settled down for a common girl (being engaged to her was even more surprising!). So here I'm wondering, what made him change? People? or Ghost?

This movie is definitely gonna be interesting, as it may show something out of practicality/reality but when given some thoughts about it, it may just somehow makes sense. To know how much sense it actually makes, why don't Nuffnang give me the tickets, and I shall confirm it for you ei? What'ya say? *grins*

"First 75 write-ins will be given a pair of invitations to the Special screening of Ghosts of Girlfriends Past happening on 2nd of June!! The first 10 write-ins will also receive limited edition merchandises from the movie which is not available for sale anywhere else!" (For more details, click here)


  1. Hey! Jeffro the blur, i like ur new blog header!! I see you made the headline too!XD

  2. @SamEye:
    hahaha.. thanks thanks.. =D I guess I did ei? hehehe XD

  3. oops, i just realized, i did a pun.. :( "made the headline" as in got ur self in the news papar, while also meaning you made the news paper page!.... darn..

  4. @Dunder!:
    ?? err not sure whether I got your meaning there.. but chill man.. chill..