Thursday, May 21, 2009

i iz Happy!

Why am I happy?
Simply because my friends are smiling..
some even laughed..

I had a few friends unhappy earlier..
Though I couldn't do much but to listen and talk..
But knowing that my lame-works could actually make them smile,
heck this is way better happier than picking a RM10 on a street..
Hmm.. my lame-ness could actually spark a smile..
Well I guess it pays being lame after all..

To my pals:
Whenever you feel unhappy, I'll give you the freedom of imagination..
You can look back at the lame-works and add your idea to it..
If you're thinking what I think you're thinking,
then the answer is No...
I would not perform anything that's currently projected on your mind..
Spare me the embarassment...

But if there's a chance that you need ears,
know that you have me on list, but take note,
that I might be a little noisy ya..


"Smile always and be happy"


Someone asked me,
"Why would you do all these?"

My answer:
"Simply because they're my friends..
and other than family, my friends are important to me"


  1. Aww... Thank you jeffro!

    *big big hug* =)

  2. @Jac:
    You're utmost welcome girl..
    *big huggies*

  3. wow you're such a great friend!
    that's certainly what friends are for! =D

  4. @Kenwooi:
    *nods* friends should always be there for each other.. =)