Sunday, May 24, 2009

Teresa's Birthday!

OMG, I just found out that this wasn't posted up, was in draft, (=.=") Fail la... Anyways, this was 2 weeks back, so let's take a look at what happened back then =)

Since we could bring anyone we could to her party, I figured that I bring along my bestie, Siew Mei, since I know she's feeling kinda bored and stuffs. It was a last minute thingy, but Siew Mei had an idea to get Teresa something simple and sweet - a 21st birthday card. Yes she's thoughtful unlike me, I did not prepare any gift at all.. *sigh* I fail as a friend la..

Me and Siew Mei with Teresa's birthday card!

Since we were the first ones to arrive there, say around 6 pm plus, (yes, anyone who goes with me, normally arrives at the destination earlier than expected), we decided to chill out first. Teresa invited us to jam out at her mini jamming studio. Wootza! I was excited! LOL

Everyone started coming in at 8 pm and later. So without hesitation we began to feast =D

Eat all you can:
Satay, Curry Chicken, Roasted Duck, and Prawns

Me and the funny Birthday Girl

After dinner, we brought out the cake and it was time to sing the birthday song, make a wish and cut the cake.

2kg cake made especially for dearest Teresa

Made a wish and blew out the candles..

But wait, to officiate her 21st birthday,
the traditions have to be carried out...

This was what she felt when she blew out the candles..

Ladies and gentlemen,
Teresa's 21 now!

Too bad for the guy who did the stunt..
That isolated part of the cake for you..
Chill at least your cake spells:
"1st B To"

Man being her boyfriend will always look out for her..
Serving as her eyes behind her head..

For a moment, you did think that I was a bad friend,
who would missed a present for the birthday girl ei?
Well guess again, what you see there,
is my gift to her...
A song titled "Collide" is what I sang,
nuff said.

As the time was getting late, many headed back home. I sent Siew Mei home because she had to be back early. When I got back, more than half the crowd was already gone. WTF! Never say goodbye to me. =P

No worries on that, as Teresa has a Wii console, the bunch of us who believed the night was still young, stayed to play Wii.

Playing boxing, this was the first I saw a double KO on Wii

EeVon came in and started pwning people...

Then by 1am, everyone else but me and Teresa's Brother's friend continue our journey, till almost 6am in the morning! Wootza! I love Wii I tell you! =D

I must say that evening was Amazing..

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