Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Birthday Yal!

A short and quick update:

I just wanna wish the 3 birthday girls + 1 birthday dude,

Who are they?
  • Jamie,
  • Samantha,
  • Teresa and,
  • Reagan

Wish I could actually split myself 4 ways so that
I can spend some time with each of you...

So here's my birthday wishes to you:

To dear Jamie,

Wish you all the best in your upcoming test and examinations..
Yes, we know you're stressed up and all,
but chill ya.. we're all praying for you..
May your wish of scoring SPM with flying colors come true!
and after that more joyous moments to come.. XD
If I can spare some time later on,
I'll help you out on the stuffs you're banging your head with..

To dear Samantha,

I know things can get a little frustrated at moments,
but no worries, you'll have us friends around
no matter what...
Just do what you do best,
we'll all be supporting you all around..
Wishing you great success in your path to achieve your dreams!
Just don't forget us when you're abroad k?

To dear Teresa,

Haha, this year would definitely one of the best for you..
21st babey! Wootza!
so what more could I be wishing you?
Great career ahead, awesome life
with lotsa splendid moments to be spent
with family and friends..
And no, 21 does not mark the time of being old,
instead it marks the time of being mature and staying young,
both at the same time.. xD
See you at the party later on!

To dear Reagan,

Dude! Haven't seen ya in a while..
Apologies for not being able to catch up..
However, nonetheless still best wishes from me pal!
Since it's your 21 as well bro,
We're only 21 once you know..
Wishing you more adventures and excitement in life =)

Alright, so that's all for now..
I gotta hit the sack..

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