Monday, May 18, 2009

Fashion Showcase 09 @ Sg Wang

Weeks back (seriously it's dated quite long ago) when I was invited by
Celine to attend her fashion night (by International Fashion Training Centre, IFTC) where artistic and fashionable attires will be presented on stage.

Arriving there early, I met with Suresh, Nigel and William. William was having his "supper", while Nigel and Suresh was setting up their gadgets. So I didn't hold back either cause it was my first time doing the fashion photography, with BabyShanon. No joke, it's quite a tough job, to capture the exact position of pose you want and the charisma of the models without having lost of the energy.

by International Fashion Training Centre (IFTC)

The designers were asked to sketch out eheir designs
within a limited time

Designers and their models posing!

The crowd in awe

The models doing the runway

Lastly Celine with her models wearing her designs..
It looks splendid!

So that's all on the Fashion Showcase 09 @ Sg Wang.
Will update soon on the other stuffs that had been happening


  1. wah, that is Cool!!

    celine is so talented ^^

    nice composition shot with the model on the stairs

  2. @Hitomi:
    ^_^ yeah.. she is.. and guess what? she's from IT field, and she's also doing fashion.. How cool is that?

    haha.. thanks.. for the shots, it was my first time doing fashion photography.. had to mingle with lotsa settings, wasted like 50 over shots...

  3. even before u went MDG??

    oh Good God, guess she goes into the wrong field huh

  4. @Hitomi:

    yeah.. this is weeks before the mdg.. =) well it's kinda complicated.. but she did well in both.. =) she's awesome!

  5. @Hitomi:
    hahaha.. she's a standout indeed.. =)