Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ice Cream @ Quah's Ice Cream & Coffee House

Met up with my pet sis a while back, we decided to have some ice cream at Quah's in Pandan Indah. After hearing from some of my friends on the place, I finally had a chance to try their ice cream.

I like their ice creams, quite the idea and they tasted good. Though ain't as good as Haagen Daaz or New Zealand's, but their ice cream are concentrated and doesn't melt that fast as compared to those of hypermarket's.

The Quah's Menu

Bee Sim ordered the Traffic Light,
but had her custom flavours instead of the ones suggested.
Yes you can change the combination of ice cream.
Her choice, I think: Mango & Vanilla

I on the other hand ordered the Chocolate Trio,
but mine was mixed of Chocolate and Coffee.
Mmm.. It definitely tasted good..
Even now as I write this,
I would like to have it again..

Surprisingly, we took a while to finish the ice creams, was suppose to have lunch, but the ice cream itself was enough to keep us full. *thumbs up* So after eating and chatting, we headed home.

A picture of Bee Sim and Me,
in the car before heading home.


  1. OMG!!! where is it? where is it? XD

  2. @Cookie:
    This is in Pandan Indah, somewhere near the Maxisegar building.. If you're there, you just ask around, you'll be able to find, it's pretty well known there..

    I forgot to take down the address the last time i was there.. T_T sorry